Cloud API Adaptor Troubleshooting

Generic troubleshooting steps after installation of Cloud API Adaptor

Application pod created but it stays in ContainerCreating state

Let’s start by looking at the pods deployed in the confidential-containers-system namespace:

$ kubectl get pods -n confidential-containers-system -o wide
NAME                                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE   IP            NODE                                NOMINATED NODE   READINESS GATES
cc-operator-controller-manager-76755f9c96-pjj92   2/2     Running   0          1h   aks-nodepool1-22620003-vmss000000   <none>           <none>
cc-operator-daemon-install-79c2b                  1/1     Running   0          1h   aks-nodepool1-22620003-vmss000000   <none>           <none>
cc-operator-pre-install-daemon-gsggj              1/1     Running   0          1h   aks-nodepool1-22620003-vmss000000   <none>           <none>
cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset-2pjbb                 1/1     Running   0          1h    aks-nodepool1-22620003-vmss000000   <none>           <none>

It is possible that the cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset is not deployed correctly. To see what is wrong with it run the following command and look at the events to get insights:

$ kubectl -n confidential-containers-system describe ds cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset
Name:           cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset
Selector:       app=cloud-api-adaptor
  Type    Reason            Age    From                  Message
  ----    ------            ----   ----                  -------
  Normal  SuccessfulCreate  8m13s  daemonset-controller  Created pod: cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset-2pjbb

But if the cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset is up and in the Running state, like shown above then look at the pods’ logs, for more insights:

kubectl -n confidential-containers-system logs daemonset/cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset

Note: This is a single node cluster. So there is only one pod named cloud-api-adaptor-daemonset-*. But if you are running on a multi-node cluster then look for the node your workload fails to come up and only see the logs of corresponding CAA pod.

If the problem hints that something is wrong with the configuration then look at the configmaps or secrets needed to run CAA:

$ kubectl -n confidential-containers-system get cm
NAME                         DATA   AGE
cc-operator-manager-config   1      1h
kube-root-ca.crt             1      1h
peer-pods-cm                 7      1h
$ kubectl -n confidential-containers-system get secret
NAME               TYPE     DATA   AGE
peer-pods-secret   Opaque   0      1h
ssh-key-secret     Opaque   1      1h