Cloud API Adaptor

Documentation for Cloud API Adaptor a.k.a Peer Pods


This repository contains the implementation of Kata remote hypervisor. Kata remote hypervisor enables creation of Kata VMs on any environment without requiring baremetal servers or nested virtualization support.


  • Accept requests from Kata shim to create/delete Kata VM instances without requiring nested virtualization support.
  • Manage VM instances in the cloud to run pods using cloud (virtualization) provider APIs
  • Forward communication between kata shim on a worker node VM and kata agent on a pod VM
  • Provide a mechanism to establish a network tunnel between a worker and pod VMs to Kubernetes pod network


The background and description of the components involved in ‘peer pods’ can be found in the architecture documentation.



Please refer to the instructions mentioned in the following doc.

Supported Providers

  • aws
  • azure
  • ibmcloud
  • libvirt
  • vsphere

Adding a new provider

Please refer to the instructions mentioned in the following doc.


This project uses the Apache 2.0 license. Contribution to this project requires the DCO 1.1 process to be followed.


Cloud API Adaptor Troubleshooting

Generic troubleshooting steps after installation of Cloud API Adaptor


Documentation for peerpods on AWS


Cloud API Adaptor (CAA) on Azure

IBM Cloud

Documentation for peerpods on IBM Cloud


Documentation for peerpods on Libvirt